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Our anniversary.

This is a big ‘un.  25 years!

That’s the “Silver” one, in case you don’t know.

20160523_223219Hmm….I wonder what is in this lovely silver package?  Kidding!  I know what’s in it because it’s from me to the ball and chain.

He also got himself another 4 wheeler….

For me?  Well, we may take a cruise to Alaska, or we may go to the Northeast.  We’ll see…

This is what he bought me as a wedding gift 25 years ago:20160524_162027

It’s a Chickering piano, in case you can’t tell.  Single best purchase he ever made.

I gave him a wood-bead rosary.  He wasn’t Catholic yet, but that was okay.  I figured it was only a matter or time, and I was right.

Over and out!

Our friend Manny has hopped on the prayer wagon several times for me and for many of you; now it’s time is to send some prayers his way as he takes a turn going under the knife.

Remember his poor, long-suffering wife, too, who has a badly sprained ankle.  Crappy time for them.

Good luck and get well soon, Manny and Mrs.!

Over and out.

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My Boy

6 1/2 feet and 200 pounds of salami and steel. ( That’s 6’6″, if you are confused….)



….perceived or otherwise, is best not met with anger.  That says more about the angry than the ingrate.

Over and out.


Sometimes when you think about something so much, you think you’ve done things in regard to that thing that it doesn’t occur to you that you haven’t actually done something you needed to do.

Like inform your readers and friends that no biopsy took place today. Geeeez.

I apologize.  On Friday the ball and chain consulted with the oral surgeon who consulted with two, count ’em, 2 radiologists who both felt like surgery needed to wait.  Because they can’t identify the thing.  Well, lucky for ‘Uardo.

Details as available…….

Over and out.

Eduardo Under the Knife, part dos

So, the MRI was today.  We asked for a copy and received a disc which the ball and chain has spent several hours studying.  There is something there, but as of yet we don’t know what.  In any case, since it is a small mass the test was mostly to pin-point the location for the surgeon.  The biopsy is Monday.

12 year-old and biopsy are two things that shouldn’t be said in the same sentence.

Did I ever tell you about his first MRI?  He was just a little squeaker, not yet two years old.  It was in October and Sean Hannity was in Utah so I dragged the baby along with me for the two hour trip there and then two hours back.  The next morning he woke up with one crossed eye.  Don’t know what caused it and the test was inconclusive.  Fortunately, alternating patches corrected the situation.  I remember being scared silly about that.  These kids are gonna be the death of me.

Over and out.

…that’s a lie.  I’m pretty modest and blush readily which is just one of the many things that charmed the ol’ ball and chain back in the day.

Last night I took my innocent 12 year old boy to the movie – we went to see The Huntsman – Winter’s War.  Anything with Chris Hemsworth is great.  Everything without Kristen Stewart is better!

Anyway, we were just sitting there minding our own business when this ungodly vulgar trailer for a movie about an ‘alternate sorority’ came on, and I was appalled.  I made my boy close his eyes, although I think he peeked.

I sat through all of the Twilight movies and Les Mis with my  teenage son a few years ago and didn’t flinch.  I wanted to stand up in the theater and rail at the venue and the other parents in there who didn’t seem to bat an eye.


Has this ever happened to you?  I don’t think I’ve ever stressed out about a movie trailer before.

Over and out.


First, be a procrastinator;

Next, pick a random task;

Next, add another random task while procrastinating on the first one;

Repeat steps two and three until overwhelmed;

Make a conscious, spur-of-the-moment decision to combine all the tasks which fucks.up.everything.else;

Feel vindicated if anything is accomplished;

Ignore the train wreck you’ve caused;

Repeat for life.

Over and out.

Eduardo Under The Knife {UPDATE}

Tomorrow. 3 p.m. MDT.  Biopsy of the tongue.  Say a prayer please.

Update: So, the lad was examined by the oral surgeon who concurred with the ball and chain that a biopsy was in order.  However, since the thing is small, they decided to do it in a hospital under general anesthesia.

May 9.

Over and out.


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