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…that’s a lie.  I’m pretty modest and blush readily which is just one of the many things that charmed the ol’ ball and chain back in the day.

Last night I took my innocent 12 year old boy to the movie – we went to see The Huntsman – Winter’s War.  Anything with Chris Hemsworth is great.  Everything without Kristen Stewart is better!

Anyway, we were just sitting there minding our own business when this ungodly vulgar trailer for a movie about an ‘alternate sorority’ came on, and I was appalled.  I made my boy close his eyes, although I think he peeked.

I sat through all of the Twilight movies and Les Mis with my  teenage son a few years ago and didn’t flinch.  I wanted to stand up in the theater and rail at the venue and the other parents in there who didn’t seem to bat an eye.


Has this ever happened to you?  I don’t think I’ve ever stressed out about a movie trailer before.

Over and out.


First, be a procrastinator;

Next, pick a random task;

Next, add another random task while procrastinating on the first one;

Repeat steps two and three until overwhelmed;

Make a conscious, spur-of-the-moment decision to combine all the tasks which fucks.up.everything.else;

Feel vindicated if anything is accomplished;

Ignore the train wreck you’ve caused;

Repeat for life.

Over and out.

Eduardo Under The Knife {UPDATE}

Tomorrow. 3 p.m. MDT.  Biopsy of the tongue.  Say a prayer please.

Update: So, the lad was examined by the oral surgeon who concurred with the ball and chain that a biopsy was in order.  However, since the thing is small, they decided to do it in a hospital under general anesthesia.

May 9.

Over and out.

First Loser


With a total of 16,363 votes cast, 

and separated by a mere 181 votes,

the winner of Church Madness 2016 is blah blah blah not the Madeleine.

Well, thanks everyone for trying!

Over and out.

Cathedral Contest

Since I am such an important and valued member of the Catholic community in Utah, Iget the diocesan newsletter in my e-mail. Today’s message included this contest business, so I’m asking you, my dear, devoted readers, to participate in the poll for the glory of the Cathedral of the Madeleine.  If you’ve never been there, then you will just have to trust me- it is magnificent!

Thank you!

Over and out.

Help me help my beautiful cathedral win!

Time In A Bottle

This is a really great song and long one of my favorites.  I like it even more knowing that it was written when Jim Croce learned he was going to be a father.  That makes it somehow even more tragic and more great.

Over and out.

….and the guy yells at me and says, ‘Hey! This is a tomato truck!,’ I’ll say, ‘Well it’s a ketchup truck now!’ ”

Guess who….

Over and out.

Blessed Easter


Speaking of Time……

It is 8:47 a.m. as I begin.  ‘Uardo just dropped by to tell me that the dogs have been fed and watered, and by the way, “whatever time it is in China, I know there’s a 44 in it.”

So I said, “let’s see what time it is in China right now,” and then I requested the information from Google.

10:44:21 p.m.  Fourteen hours ahead of us here in MDT.

“So….it’s dark there?”  Yes.  “And do they have a.m. there?” Yes, in a couple of hours if we look it’ll be a.m. there.  “Ands its a.m. here too.”  Yep.

I didn’t bother telling him that it’s almost tomorrow in China when we just barely got our today going.

That does remind me of something though- and to be fair I don’t recall which teacher it was, but once when I was in elementary school and we were discussing time, I asked if it was always the same day everywhere.  The teacher humiliated me with her “of course it is,” probably doing who knows what damage to my tender little psyche.

What a shitty thing to do – to take a child on the very edge of grasping a concept and not only giving incorrect information, but totally shutting her down and making her feel stupid.

Probably the reason God has hidden this teacher from my memory is so I don’t curse her name.

Ahhh well.

I miss you Izy girl.

Over and out at 11:03 p.m. China time.

Although I still feel somewhat as though not being would be infinitely more comfortable than being, barring of course “not being” not being in hell for eternity.

Net plus for illness: not setting the alarm for mass and having a right regular sleep, the first in many days.  I may make this a yearly habit.

I apologize to my loyal readership for disappointing you with my lack of yearly ode to misery on this day.  I simply can’t battle two evils at once, i.e. the clock change AND this bloody virus.  The best I could do was that cry of despair.

Over and out.


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