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Here’s The Dealio

We were out shopping the other day and we got a new dining set.  On the way home we were talking about replacing old furniture and out of the blue the ball and chain says something about the friggin’ “pink” chairs in one of the rooms.  I was aghast.  Pink?  I said the chairs are not freakin’ pink, they are a burnt orange or rust-type color.  What ensued was a very loud fight in the car on the interstate, with said ball and chain cackling like a maniacal rooster and me in a flaming red rage.  I told him to pull over (yes, on the interstate) because I wanted out of that car.

Well, College Girl was with us.  She said the chairs were pink.  So I called Available.  I said, “You know the chairs in the front living room?”  She replied, “The pink ones?”  I had a fit.  So she asked her sister FBD at whose house she was, and FBD, traitor, concurred with her.  Pink.

So then I called Lurch.  She said a reddish brown.  So I called Stretch.  He said brown.  So then I called Dolphin Caller.  She said, “What?  I don’t know – green? Brown?”  Good lord.

But this is what pushed me over the edge – it’s no secret that I loathe pink and green together.  So when I said, “I would NEVER put pink chairs in a room with green carpet,” and the ball and chain laughed and said, “Well imagine my surprise when you did,” I coulda killed him – the harder he laughed, the angrier I got…

I DIDN’T PICK THAT FURNITURE – HE DID.  But I’ll tell you one thing, if those chairs had been pink, I WOULDN’T HAVE LET HIM BUY THEM.

The fight didn’t end there.  It just switched gears.

I hate when he pulls out the MD.

He looked up some information on color-blindness for God’s sake!  I’m not color blind!  But apparently there is a very unusual type of color-blindness that causes a slight shift in red perception.

I say that’s bullshit.

Over and out.

P.S.  When I posted this, I got a message saying it was my 1000th post.  So, yay me or something.  Let’s have cake.

What Color is This?

Time for some fun!  The color of this fabric almost caused a major rift in the family foundation earlier this evening.  Tell me what color you see – tip your screen to compensate for some of the glare…20160122_205207-1

Over and out.

Happy New Year!

It’s 2016 – how about that?

Did you go to Mass today?  Yes, it is a holy day of obligation and even though our Diocese has abrogated the day to the following Sunday, our new pastor saw fit to have Mass this morning.  First time in three years!  It was lovely – he gave a great homily explaining the why and how of Mary being the Mother of God, and how to explain that to nonbelievers or protestants.

It was hella foggy in the way in this morning; the sun has since broken through the clouds and lit everything up with shimmering brightness.  All the trees are covered in hoarfrost and the world looks beautiful!

hoarfrost on the trees

hoarfrost on the trees

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas – we certainly did!  My ever-growing family was all present and I think everyone enjoyed the days we had together.  Here is this year’s version of the Christmas Eve fire and tree:20151224_215150I know it isn’t quite as nice as my son-in-law’s picture from 2014, but it’ll do…

As I mentioned, today we celebrate Mary, Mother of God.  Here is a post from several years ago written by our old friend Bender, should you be interested.

Go lift a glass to the new year now.  Enjoy!

Over and out!

Feelin’ Scroogie

It is becoming increasingly clear that I have a choice- either my house will be clean or it will be decorated for Christmas.  Both will not happen.  My sisters will not get their baked goodies on time- I’ll be happy if I get their gifts in the mail on time.

KINDLE_CAMERA_1449394514000It took me 5 days to trim the trees.KINDLE_CAMERA_1449397520000 The garland still is not up on the front door.  There are still boxes waiting to be toted back downstairs and more waiting to come up.  I have my two bff’ s coming for lunch on Monday, necessitating a cancelled crown-and filling appointment at the dentist.  I still don’t have a gift for the ball and chain.

In the meantime, as the children trickle in there will be movies to go see, Xbox games, going out for lunch, and whatever else they want to do.  That’s great.  I was the same way the two times I went back to Bismarck for Christmas, back in 1980 and 1983, the last year I was with my mom.  I was 23 and she was 64.

My mom’s idea of decorating for Christmas in her later years was a nice fake tree, and various do-dads, few in number.  The house wasn’t huge and there were basically two rooms in use, the living room and the kitchen.  It wasn’t difficult to keep up.

I don’t live in a McMansion, but our house is big enough to accommodate 7 kids and two adults relatively easily.  And now that most of the kids are gone its too big for me to deal with.  Especially with a husband whose hobby is ordering shit off Amazon.

I’ve always felt bad that I lived so far away from my parents as I got older and they got older.  I wasn’t able to do for them and I would give anything to have memories of service to them.

So again, time will march on and things won’t be done and I will be faced once more with the eternal and unanswerable questions- how soon is soon enough, and where does it end?

Over and out.


For Lurchie Gurchie

The other day when I wrote the Let it Snow post, I just tacked on an old picture of my tree with snow on the ground.  Then I talked to Lurch on the phone about the crappy weather they were having in Oregon (can you say…rain?) and she was so excited to come home for Christmas because there was snow!  I felt bad telling her that we didn’t have any….

But this morning I woke up to this!  Really!!!20151211_093310

I hope it sticks around for you, kid.

Over and out.


Mercy, indeed.

The false-god you call climate change or global warming or whatever is an altar far more important to worship upon than your own.  By all means, keep dismissing the slaughter of the unborn, the unchecked murder of Christians the world over, the rise of Islam everywhere, the normalization of homosexual unions and every other liberal ideal you can think of dismissing.

I’m over you.  The sooner you are relieved of the yoke of Peter, the better.

God have mercy on me.  St. Jude, ora pro nobis.



I don’t like it.

I generally pop on The Catholic Channel in the morning when I drive the kids to school.  It’s a short trip so I don’t usually hear more than ten minutes, or 15 minutes tops, if they are dawdling.  Gus Lloyd is usually on.  I got nothin’ against the guy…except the way he talks.  Let me clarify.

I simply cannot stand phrases in reference to praying for someone.  It makes my skin crawl when I hear someone say “I’ll raise you up in prayer,” or “I’ll lift you in prayer.”  What the hell.

“I will pray for you.”  What is wrong with that?

I think the reason it bugs me so much is that it only used to be evangelical-types who would utter the trite-isms.  I deplore and resent the attempt to subject the Catholic faith to protestantism!  To protestant trite-isms!  The fullness of Truth is found in Jesus Christ through His Church.  We don’t need to add extra words to make it sound like we are holier-than-thou.  And that is how it comes across to me.  I am so holy, see?  I use all the right lingo to tell you that I’m gonna pray for you!

I’m special. snow_4536

Lino Rulli and Gus Lloyd both call men “brother” when calls come in, but they don’t call women “sister.”  At least I haven’t heard that.  I don’t care much for that either.  When my family and I first moved to this LDS stronghold where we currently reside, some of the business people in town would call me “Sister,” as is the common reference for Mormon women.  I tried to accept what I hoped was good-will in their misunderstanding of my religious affiliation, but it was decidedly uncomfortable for me.  And it had nothing to do with the fact that Catholic women religious are called Sister!

Well.  It seems I am not in a good mood.  Why don’t y’all raise me lift me pray for me.  I need it.

Over and out.

♪♪ Le-e-e-t-t-t It Snow….♪

..let it snow, let it snow! ♪♪(I love making musical notes.)

The snow is back!

As for real snow….well, we’ve had some, but you know that danged global warming stuff is just making a mockery of winter!  Look at this picture I took today:20151201_143641

Those are in my back yard, people.  Pretty, eh?

The dolphin caller, age 15 and 3/4 years, competed at her ♪♪singing event in Las Vegas over the weekend of November 21st.  It was all new and strange and, just like making muscle memory, well, when you do things like this you have to remember lots of things and blah blah.  Anyway, she placed third in her division, she received a small cash prize, and….she qualified to sing at the next level which will be in sunny San Diego at the end of January.  This event was fun – her sister the college girl was the accompanist and they both did really well.  The three of us stayed at the Las Vegas Marriott which was fabulous and not on the Strip.  Me and the older girl walked over to a hotel with a casino and played some slots, but that was all the gambling we did.  The rest of the time we were either at UNLV for the events or in the bar at the hotel, which I might add was also really nice.

I am drawing a complete blank right now.  Other than one more picture, I have no idea what I am doing on this laptop at this time of day, trying to remember what I wanted to write about.  Well, maybe in due “thyme” I’ll recall…..20151201_110208

I was growing this here thyme in that there container on the deck this summer, and even through freezing temperatures and not being watered, it just kept hanging on.  So I brought it in the house.  I love thyme.  If I was stranded on a desert island I would hope to either find some or have some with me cuz then everything would taste good!

Over and out.


I’d Love To Post, But…

…every time I think to write, someone else is using my laptop.  I certainly can’t be bothered with going down into the bowels of the house to fire up one of the desktops, so you all will have to suffer awhile longer.  However, I do appreciate your loyalty and frequent returns.

Today I am going to go shopping and look for some Christmas decorating stuff.  Now that my precious first-born child is of an age where it no longer matters…..I’m not going to wait to decorate for Advent.  And we are going whole-hog this time around.

Coming back soon!

Over and out.


Happy Birthday, USMC!

Proud to be mother-in law, sister-in-law, and aunt to three United States Marines.  Oohrah, or something like that:)  Remind me to tell you about when I wanted to join up.  It’s a fascinating     story. Well, here’s a nice picture. I don’t know who I lifted it from. If I figure it out I will attribute it then.  usmc-eagle

Over and out.


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