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Your Question For The Weekend

Ponder this, and then answer:  how is one to know whether one is going through an open window of opportunity, or trying to break down a closed door that one ought not enter?

Over and out.

…ya just done peed in my Wheaties.  I don’t need, want, or appreciate a rainbow banner across my admin site.





We hereby declare that all dogs of the male variety shall herewith be confined to an area of the house that has no carpet nor any other thing upon which to lift the leg.


True Story

Last weekend I got a text from old FBD saying “Meet Bruce,” with a picture attached:FullSizeRenderI said, “Looks more like a Caitlyn…”

True story.

Over and out.

hahah se whut I did ther? haha

Hi its me Rooby!!! It is a looong tim sinse I writ!!! Itz crazeie arrownd her wit the litl peepel hom al da.

Gess wut. I em going to skool! An I hav too namz now and so does buddeee!! Buddee thundrbrk and mi im rooby daintee toez!! Isint tht pritty? Justtt lik me!!!! I Mom! Sas I donnt lik to git mi fet wet in the doo, but the alfa mal says “she doesn’t like to get her hoo-ha wet.” wutever tat meens. Ttats wyi theyy cal me roby danty toez. i

M gona lurn to rit betr at skol wen tey ask me Roobee! Wut yu want to lurn?? I wil sa 2 rit guud! So I can bloggf or mom!

Budy dusnt git to go too skool. Hez to litle.beesids he did sumeting baaad!!! He smoks! sigarets n siggars to!!! the sekuritee karma cot him…20141010_17445820141024_124512

Spekeeng uf bad doggees! me an budy an fin-that-litle-sht (thas wut mom! Sayz) ran akros the stret nd brked too sum little kidz an ther dad gotted mad! It wuz budys folt cuz I jus brk al nic an polit butt budyye he jumps up an down lik a pogo stik wen hei brks an it skARd them. Ffin jus sloberd.

Wi doant go outsid alon no mor not evin to,,,uuhhmm…,yu no…go,.,,..momn!puts us awn the leesh now.

Thts al I hav 4 noww. Budee sayes HI!!!


Geez.  All I did was drink 2/3 of a bottle of wine with ( actually starting before) dinner and then I mentioned to Stretch and College Girl that I was gonna start smoking again when I was 70.  They had a fit!  I said “Well, I had originally planned to start up again when I was 60, but that is getting kind of close….”

They had a bloody cow, and then the ball and claim – the rat- cut me off.  Sheeeeiitttt.

Ah well. Have a good weekend y’all.

Over and out.


Spring Reign

Strictly speaking, some of these water droplets are from sprinkler rain, but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool.

20150521_09311220150521_091611 20150521_091814-1 20150526_12092220150521_093025

Well, that’s done.  5 down, 2 to go!

Actually, the graduation ceremony was lovely.  Total length of time was right around 60 minutes.  There were only a few boring speeches; the valedictory speech was a hit and the principal mentioned my boy by name in his speech.  IMG_6901-001

After the ceremony, most of the parents were on the auditorium floor offering congratulations and taking pictures and such.  When we were done with all of that I was heading for the seats and the upper floor…and as I raised my foot to climb the first step, something got in my way and I crashed to the steps in a rather ignominious fashion.  Well, ignominious might be a little harsh, but it was bad.  I hurt all over.

Available came to my rescue and helped me climb the remaining 20 or so steps.  We had just reached the top when I heard a big crash – I paused, looked over my left shoulder, and saw the ball and chain – my dear husband – picking himself up off of the step in the exact same place I had turfed it only moments before.

How’s that for freakin’ weird?

He fell much harder than I – he actually banged his left cheek on the step.  Poor Available was almost hysterical, she was so upset.  I’m thinking we should sue.

No, not Available – the venue!

We went out for dinner at the steakhouse, and then we had cake!  There were presents…

Anyway, we are both a little worse for the wear today.  Everyone slept for kind of a long time this morning.

Getting old is rough, I guess.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the best day of the ball and chain’s life!  Our 24th wedding anniversary!  Gosh, I hope we will be able to sit up and take nourishment.

Over and out.






…..May is busy!  And the fewer children at home the busier it is!

When your son-in-law complains that you haven’t written anything in awhile you know you’ve got trouble.  Especially following on the heels of your daughter (not his wife) fussing.

Here’s what has been going on:

There was an accident at the park wherein Eduardo sneaked off without telling anyone, then called me using a stranger’s cell phone to tell me he was at the park bleeding like a stuck hog.  And he was.  He fell off of a picnic table where he’d been playing table tag and cracked his face open.  A gash above his left eye, on the brow, and a badly sprained and possibly broken nose.  Bruising on his arms.

Then the other boy ended up in the ‘mergency room with an infection that turned out NOT to be MRSA, thank the Lord.

It was announced that our bishop has been made Archbishop of Santa Fe so he is 1) leaving, and 2) not able to come and confirm little Dolphin Caller on the 9th.  But here she is being confirmed by our pastor:IMAG0312-1This was of course followed by the requisite brunch in the parish hall which we could just as well have skipped since Bishop Wester couldn’t be there.

It was Mother’s Day the next day and I don’t have a mother or a mother-in-law so that was a bitch – although I did get some nice presents.  Plus, the priest told us he has been transferred so he will be leaving us in August.  At least we have a replacement in line.

This past Sunday we had First Holy Communion with the requisite cake afterwards.  That, plus choir practice.

I have been working with the Mexican choir members for the Pentecost Mass this weekend, and also for Corpus Christi when we will sing O Salutaris Hostia.  I had thought the language would be the obstacle, but no – they are catching on to the Latin well enough.  It’s trying to learn ’em to sing in 4 part harmony that is proving troublesome.  Whichever group I sing with can follow me, but then the other fades into oblivion.  Ah well.  I have faith it will work out.

On Friday Stretch will graduate from high school and I just about can’t stand it!  At least the whole famdamily will be here (‘cepting for Lurch and her better half, or worse half, whatever).  College is right around the corner…

Still working on Lurchie’s church wedding.

See?  Busy, busy, busy!  I hardly have time to catch my breath.

There you have it!  Keep in touch.  Don’t be a stranger.

Over and out.



A Princess Was Born!

No, not that one.  This one!  In 1986, little Available was born on this day.  Here she is at 3ish:20150502_132703

She’s gotten better at make-up.

Happy birthday!

Over and out.


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