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…..I mean a freakin’ animal!

Who?  I’ll tell you who.

The ball and chain!  You will NOT believe what he did.  Oh my lord.

First of all, see this picture?exp

This is (someone else’s image, btw, of) my brand new ride that said-trog bought for me.  Spoiled, I know, but whatever.  You know what he did in my new ride, last night?  Hmmmm???

He drove our dolphin caller to her voice lesson which is like 90-ish minutes from home, and I guess he didn’t think he could find any other way of amusing himself, so he shaved his month-old freaking beard in my car!!!  Can you believe that?  And worse, it was premeditated!  He took his electric razor with him!*

I told him if I found one.single.whisker. in there that there would be hell to pay!  And I mean it!  Just so you know, if I don’t find one, I will plant one.  I aim to come out on top of this thing….

Oh, in case you were wondering, it’s a 2015 Ford Explorer, and easily the nicest vehicle I have ever owned.  It’s even nicer and better appointed than the Lincoln which we just traded in, since three times in the shop for over 6 weeks total in one year is just a little more that we were willing to deal with.

Over and out.

*How, you might ask, can a grown man shave a whole months growth with an electric razor?  Well, he can’t.  He did trim the stupid thing three days ago.

P.S.  I don’t like beards.  Did I ever mention that?  They feel icky and I don’t think they improve anyone’s looks.  Neither men nor women.


Oldies But Goodies

Here is one of my very first posts.  It remains true to this day.

This. Is. Difficult.

Where are all the great thoughts that have been clanking around in my head for the past 7 months, since I first envisioned this blog?

I know I’m supposed to be saying something – I just don’t know what it is.

Over and out.

The fact is though, I have enough ideas now; I just don’t seem to have the time!  And do notice, “over and out” has been there right from the beginning.

This next post is an awkward attempt to describe, well, just read it.  I’d write something better now.

Why Angels?

So, why have a religion-themed blog that doesn’t just proclaim a relationship with our Savior? Why angels?
Suffice it to say, I have a good reason which I will explain some other time. Trust me.

Carl Jung said “Bidden or unbidden, God is there.” Well, not to diminish the profundity of that, but the same holds true with the angels.

Most of us are taught from the beginning of our lives that we have a guardian angel and that angel is our friend, confidante, protector, and defender. Our angel constantly implores to God on our behalf. We need to do a better job treating them as the valued friends they are, just like our earthly friends. They must not be neglected, after everything they’ve done for us and will continue to do for us, no matter how we treat them.

So, how do we honor them? Remember them, call on them, keep an angel token in your pocket all the time to remind you of their presence; keep one handy so you can give it away, as I did yesterday to our priest after he delivered a splendid homily about the guardian angels. He graciously accepted it. :-)

**As this is a quasi-educational blog, for anyone who is interested, I will provide biblical sources for angels and other resources. Just ask! Look for good reads on angels when I get around to a bookshelf or list. I hope I’m not preaching to the choir here, but that’s okay, too**

Over and out.

Here we have a little bit on the subject of the soul, which apparently I was obsessed with six years ago because I seem to have written about it a lot:

The Story of Our Souls

We have been gifted in our tiny little parish here in the boondocks of Utah with a marvelous priest.  This evening we began our first bible study class and things were humming right along.  Then Father scared the bejeebers out of me.

We were discussing our souls and the indelible mark that is imprinted upon them when we are baptized.  That led to a discussion about how parents are doing a horrific disservice to their children when they have them baptized, get the certificate and the candle, and then don’t follow up.  The magic has been done, the voodoo words spoken, the party, over.

Father explained how at our baptisms our souls are ignited – they are lit on fire and they actively seek out other souls.  We, in turn, are too busy looking away from each other to let our souls actually meet.

We don’t train our kids how to live, how to worship the God who made them.  We halfheartedly get them to Mass, CCD classes; we don’t live our lives as the faith-filled people we were meant to be, and we don’t pass the faith along to the children very well.

This got me to thinking.  I do try to train my kids in the way of faith, but I don’t do it as well as I should. I can do better.

But beyond that, what struck me as I was heading home from the class was the business of soul mates. We hadn’t talked about that, but it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Now there’s a phrase that I’ve personally bandied about on occasion.  Tonight it came clear to me exactly what that meant.

I think there might be something of a disconnect when a couple is forming – when you are in the early stages of a relationship, when you can’t wait to see that person again, I’ve always thought that it is the souls calling to each other.  I also think sometimes this is misinterpreted as a physical or sexual thing, rather than a good and holy longing.  However, I’m not a psychologist – I could be off there, but I don’t think so.

I don’t know about you, but I have felt this – I know for a certainty that my soul is in deep communion with my husband’s.  It’s the thing that holds us together when everything around us is falling apart; it’s what stops us from running away from each other when we just don’t think we can stand another minute of the life we have; it’s what keeps us from running away together and abandoning our brood when they are driving us up the wall.

Perhaps I’m not explaining this very well, but I understand it now.  I know what it means to have a soul mate.  I know what it means to be connected to my children at the level of the soul – and how utterly wonderful and painful, in turn, that can be.

I know.

For further reading on this obsession: Some Thoughts on the Soul

Here’s a defining post about me.  Webster Bull, the founder of the blog Why I Am Catholic talked about this on his blog and linked it:

The Evolution of Me

Souls, souls, and more souls!

Trust, and Scattered Thinking, and Soul Mates

This is what it looked like on my way to Mass this morning.  A blanket of fog covered the valley and I was a little nervous driving- a relatively new thing for me, since my brush with death a couple weeks ago on this very stretch of road, on my way to Mass.  I left home in something of a funk, and the foggy, gray day didn’t help.

Then it occurred to me that this is all about trust.  I trust my (usually) trusty ‘Scursion’; I trust that the road ahead is still actually there and that if I proceed down the road I won’t come to any harm.  I trust that I will make it to Mass this morning, safe and sound.  And so I did.

There were two of us in attendance.  There is something wonderfully intimate about attending Mass with just one other solitary soul.  There is also something terribly sad about it.  Here in this part of the country we have severe priest shortages; we spent from the summer of 2008 to August of 2009 without a resident priest.  We had Mass once a month if we were lucky, and the rest of the time we had Sunday Service in the Absence of a Priest, conducted by visiting deacons.

Now we have a full time priest and he was willing to have 3 additional services per week besides Sunday.   Because of poor attendance he has canceled Friday morning Mass.  That’s a pity.

Anyway, after Mass and an abbreviated Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament, I left the church and the fog was still there.  Fired up the ‘Scursion’ and hit the radio – Seal was singing Kiss From a Rose. “I’ve been kissed by a rose on the gray.”

Thank you, God.

Of course, that made me think of my rose photo – so here’s a kiss from a rose for you on this gray day.

As I drove home, I was thinking about the reading for today – it seems like every time I’ve been lector the last couple of months the readings have been about loving your brother, and if you can’t or don’t, then you can’t love God.

Then I got to thinking about what a friend recently said about love, that it was a choice.  It is, but we don’t have to love those who harm us, in my opinion.  I guess we need to love them as fellow human beings and children of God, but that’s it – at least, that’s all I can muster.

That led to this – Our souls are restless until they rest in You – St. Augustine said that.

And then something popped into my head that really startled me – “your soul is restless until it rests with mine.”

I was thinking a very specific thought at the time, and I was quite surprised when this thought was formed.

I can’t help but think this is the most unmitigated bit of arrogance I’ve ever come up with.  But there you have it.

Which led me to one final thought in this scattered bit of thinking – it’s about soul mates.  If you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all you know that I’m obsessing about the soul and constantly thinking about it.  It occurred to me that when our souls rest with each other is when they most easily rest in God.

That is what it means to have a soul mate.

Over and out.

Well alrighty then!  This should keep you busy for awhile; I’m very tired after having consumed 1 1/2 cans of Bud Light Mango and then Strawberry stuff that makes me loopy!  These are a sampling of our first couple of months here at the old blog.  I will follow with more as the week progresses.

Over and out!



So. Guess What Today Is?

Besides October 2nd, that is.  Go ahead, guess.  I’ll wait…..tap-tap-tap….


For Someone Special – Magnet and Steel

You know who you are…*  Magnet and Steel

*No, not the one who was fussing about wanting a new post up.  Heh. This one is for you, though….

Then watch this. Oh my word.

Over and out.

The Faves

While I was looking through Enya’s discography online and hunting for linkies, I listened to an interview someone did with her somewhere in Great Britain I guess.  At one point they were talking about her album A Day Without Rain.  The hit from the album was Only Time; it hadn’t been released as a single until 9/11 happened and at that point became known as a song of hope.  She released the single and gave all the proceeds to the New York Fire Department, which is about as nice a thing as any celebrity has done.

It’s difficult to narrow down to a few my favorite Enya songs.  I did it anyway, but really, the list could just have easily been completely different.

  1. Caribbean Blue
  2. Ebudea  (Ebudea was my first taste of the Gaelic language and it is a very cool song.)
  3. Amarantine (Title song from the album of that name)
  4. Anywhere Is (The singular song I most identify with in my life)
  5. It’s in the Rain

After the Watermark album, I think I like Amarantine the best.  Or maybe Shepherd Moons.  Or maybe…..


Anyhoo, let me know what you think, and also let us know if there are songs you like better!

Over and out.


For Your Weekend Amusement

Now that football season is in full swing (who cares), I thought you might enjoy this:prepkit

Not that we have anything against Tom Brady.  We don’t, in fact, think he is responsible at all for this stupid fiasco.

But, anyway…

Over and out.

For Manny…

…who apparently spent the early ’80’s under a rock or studying or something.

Orinoco Flow – Enya

Over and out.

This Person

u15991pd8xtSo, from my mid-twenties on, long before the interwebs, btw, this musician’s songs would queue up on the radio and the dj’s ALL pronounced her name as Ahn-yuh.  When I bought her CD Watermark in 1992, it was the first time I saw her name in print- Enya.  I didn’t think anything of it…she’s Irish. I at some point came to learn that the Gaelic spelling of her name is Eithne, so, sure, any pronunciation is possible!

Fast-forward 30 years and Dolphin Caller tells me that she gets crap at school from some of the girls (and, these girls are snots with a capital Ssssss) because she says Ahn-yuh, like her mother does.

Then the college girl tells me the same thing happened to her in high school.

It’s sad when kids get ragged on because of their parents.

Have I mentioned that I pretty much can’t STAND teenage girls?  They are cruel, bitchy, vain, rude little assholes.

Anyway….no matter how you say it, Enya is one of my faves!


Over and out.

….they ate until they had had their fill.

My daughter is fussing about having to look at fungus-infected fly photos so here is something I’m about a month behind in writing.

Without beating this dead horse too hard, I think I’ve finally hit upon some key elements in the Feeding of the 5000 which common sense must conclude was a miracle of Jesus. You know, the story present in all 4 gospels (see John 6:1-15 on June 26, 2015) that soooo many people – including priests – try to pass off as simply people sharing what they have. The story of how Jesus is soooo persuasive that He gets everyone to not only share, but then give up the rest of their food to the apostles, to the tune of twelve baskets.

Some things to consider: first, there were a large number of people, and Jesus told the apostles to have the people recline, and about 5000 men did so. Nowhere in the gospel does it say men alone were there, so the normal presumption would be that women and children were also present, and probably sitting, not reclining. So, if you have your household of even just two parents and two kids, that puts the crowd at somewhere near 20,000.multitude

Next, Jesus was out performing miracles and as the people got wind of it they took to following. Is it reasonable to think that, say, Martha (not that Martha) would stop her husband Andrew (not that Andrew) and say, “Just a sec, hon. Gotta pack us up a picnic lunch! And not only for us, but to help feed a lot of people who may just be stumbling out of their doors blindly following this Jesus without even thinking of where their next meal may come from. Go find the kids and make sure their faces are clean. I’ll be ready in a jif!”

Can you see that scenario occurring even once, much less hundreds and hundreds of times? Because that is surely what would have had to happen in order for the “sharing” theory to work. I admit I’m not a scholar of or even a student of daily life in that time, but does it really make sense to you to imagine men, women, and children loading up their pockets with food? Especially when they are about to head out the door to follow a man performing miracles?

I think not.

So, Jesus takes the five barley loaves and two fishes from a boy (another indication that children were present), has the men recline, and gives thanks. He was thanking God, not the boy. Had He been thanking the boy He wouldn’t have given thanks. He would have just said thank you. “Giving thanks” has a special meaning, and we all know it. Then He distributes the food to them – as much as they wanted – (think your local buffet restaurant) and they ate until they had had their fill.

they ate until they had had their fill.

They didn’t take a morsel and call it good – who does that? Your host offers you bread and fish, you take a crust and say “Thanks! Couldn’t eat another bite! I’m stuffed. Phew!” No, you eat until you are full. Then twelve men come around and gathered scraps and leftovers and put them in baskets – 1 apiece, how about that – and those baskets are full.

There could not possibly have been enough food carried within folds of robes that day to accommodate 20,000+ people, people. Again with the common sense. Even if I pack a picnic lunch, I could probably feed another family equal to my own, but I couldn’t feed ten families without planning, and I have an abundance of food and resources!

The miracle is a miracle is a miracle and there are no two ways about it.

Your thoughts?

Over and out.



So, remember these little beauties?


No, this isn’t just an interesting-colored fly.  It’s a tachinid fly with a fungus.


That spray you see around the fly? That’s where the fungus burst through the abdominal segments and killed the fly.  Egads.


Over and out.


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