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I’d Love To Post, But…

…every time I think to write, someone else is using my laptop.  I certainly can’t be bothered with going down into the bowels of the house to fire up one of the desktops, so you all will have to suffer awhile longer.  However, I do appreciate your loyalty and frequent returns.

Today I am going to go shopping and look for some Christmas decorating stuff.  Now that my precious first-born child is of an age where it no longer matters…..I’m not going to wait to decorate for Advent.  And we are going whole-hog this time around.

Coming back soon!

Over and out.


Happy Birthday, USMC!

Proud to be mother-in law, sister-in-law, and aunt to three United States Marines.  Oohrah, or something like that:)  Remind me to tell you about when I wanted to join up.  It’s a fascinating     story. Well, here’s a nice picture. I don’t know who I lifted it from. If I figure it out I will attribute it then.  usmc-eagle

Over and out.

My Halloween Offering

So, this is a good day for a couple of reasons; first, well, it’s that time of year, and you know what I’m talking about!

Next, tonight my little boy, my little Yitnay/Eduardo/whats’-his-name is goingIMG_7066 trick or treating for probably the last time.  Well, in any case, it’s the last time I buy him an amazing, expensive costume.  This one cost a small fortune – it’s an assassin from that video game Assassin’s Creed.  Ah well – he’s the baby, and everyone knows what that is like for those of us who are….

Every year in March or April I find a whole slew of photos of my kids in their Halloween costumes, then when it comes time to post them in October I can’t find them again!  Anyway, here’s me in my first costume. I was a gypsy:

Yours truly - age 4

Yours truly – age 4

I leave you with this poem/song, written by me, sung to the tune of When Johnny Comes Marching Home:

The clocks go back tonight, tonight,
hurrah! hurrah!
The clocks go back tonight, tonight,
hurrah!  hurrah!
The clocks go back, tonight, tonight,
nuts to you if that’s a fright,
so just be brave ‘cuz this is Halloween!
How’s that?  Have a good one!
Over and out.

No, I’m Not Learning Italian

You may recall that my daughter-the-dolphin-caller is taking vocal lessons from a professional singer who is the voice department chair at a nearby university.  Nearby, of course, means 140 minutes away, through three different counties, via the interstate, but whatever.  Anyway, she has been entered into a competition next month in which she will sing three pieces, one of which has to be in a foreign language.  Her teacher likes Italian, as Sento Nel Core is the second piece she’s learned in that language.

The song speaks of nothing but gut-wrenching, heart-rending sorrow and longing or something, the likes of which one can’t really identify with until they are much older, and possibly, married.  Well, better that she learn now.  Before she gets tangled up with some jerk who breaks her heart!  Anyway, if you care to spend some of the valuable time you have left here on earth in a frivolous endeavor, by all means, look up Alessandro Scarlatti’s Sento Nel Core on the youtube and have a listen.

Over and out.

This first one is for my dear friend, Izy.  Izy is busy.  Busy, busy, Izy.  She’s so busy that she doesn’t even have time to stop by when she has a day off!  But this is for her, since we haven’t had a light competition in awhile:20151022_182700

The next one is from early in the morning a few days ago.  The light was sparkling on the grass, and after I got this photo and enlarged it, I knew what it was….grass fairies!IMG_6932

And last but not least, I snapped this picture of my little deck birds lounging about on the tall grass just off the deck:IMG_7050

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about Sento Nel Core, which I promised you the other day that I would!

Over and out.

I Just Can’t Win

So, there I was, minding my own business in the kitchen and seeing to dinner.  The ball and chain walks in and says, “What’s cooking?”  I replied, “You’re supposed to say, ‘What’s cookin’, good lookin’?'”

He paused for just a heartbeat and said, “I did!”


Over and out.

No, I’m not talking about the gray ones either.

I’m talking about the fact that my church is in chaos and my country is chaos and there’s not a bloomin’ thing I can do about it!

So, I poured me a nice glass of Harvey’s Bristol Cream and I’m gonna drink it and to hell with the pope and his rogue bishops (not literally, mind you), and to HELL (literally, mind you) with Democrats and their sycophants.

Over and out.


Why I Like Fall

We had a gullywasher of a rainstorm this morning.  It rained most of yesterday, alternating between the drizzles and gentle rain, but this morning, from the time I got up until after I got the kids to school, the rain came straight down and hard!  Since then we had a few minutes of sun and everything sparkled!  Now its cloudy again and looking to rain some more.

Our maple trees are just beginning to turn – they are staying green a long time this year.  I still have one potato plant in the ground and the cherry tomatoes are still producing.  The rhubarb has not yet died, and neither have the thyme or the peppers or the flowers.

Yesterday was when Fall hit me!  I like to cook in the cooler weather much more so than in the summer.  My daughter put me in the mood for a chicken pot pie the other day and I decided to make one yesterday for dinner.

Pot pie does not have to be a big deal!  You can get it put together and in the oven in less than an hour (if you are efficient.  Like me.) I decided to take some pictures to show you just how simple it is.

20151020_164109First, I made up a quick pie crust out of 2 cups of flour, 1/2 c butter, salt, and enough cold water to make a nice softish dough.  Then I wrapped it and put it in the fridge.  Then, I cubed and stir fried 2 chicken breasts.  While they were cooking I washed and cubed one of my lovely garden potatoes, and chopped some carrots and a small stick of celery.  When the chicken finished cooking I put the potato and carrots and celery with it, along with some snipped green beans and some onion.20151020_164025  That was what I had on hand.  I would have put corn in as well if I’d had some.  Well, you can’t have everything.  Anyway, I added a little chicken broth to the whole thing, with salt and pepper and fresh thyme, then put a lid on and simmered it for about 10 minutes.

While that was cooking, I whipped up a quasi-gravy-sauce thing, using a flour and butter roux, chicken broth and seasoning, salt, pepper, fresh thyme, and heavy cream. 20151020_16404420151020_164836 20151020_175532

When its time to put the thing together, take the crust out of the fridge and roll half of it out.  Important – it doesn’t have to look beautiful.  Just roll the thing out, slap it into the pie pan, put in the filling mixed with some of the gravy, then slap the top on.  Truthfully though, if the dough hadn’t been so soft I probably would have put forth a little more effort to tidy it up, but whatever.  If you don’t take so much time to make it pretty, you’ll have time to roll out a bit of dough and cut out some oak leaves, which you can then put on the pie.

Take the leftover gravy and serve it up on the individual slices, which look like this!  Don’t ask me why that maple leaf looks like it is balanced on one leg or something….

Over and out!














Sento Nel Core

No, I’m not drunk, good Lord.  Just wait.

Had I seen you on the street last Monday, and had you asked how I was I likely would have answered, “Fine. You?”  Because as of last Monday, all hell hadn’t broken loose yet…

Had I seen you on the street last Tuesday at, say, noon MDT, and you asked how I was, I would have been challenged to say anything beyond, “Not fine.”

And then on Thursday evening, had you asked, I would have, with trembling lip, told you I was near-devastated.

Why all the angst, you might ask?  And good reason you would have to do so!

I’ll tell you.  But first, probably the only reader here likely to know what sento nel core means (yes, them’s real words), is Manny.  Manny is born and bred Italian, so I’m assuming he would be able to tell you that those words mean “sorrow unending.” 

Here’s what happened:  on Tuesday morning there was no school for Eduardo because it was parent-teacher conference day.  So, after his conference, we came home and I asked him to get some of the fill dirt to put in the sink hole that keeps forming in the backyard.  He, God bless him, dumped three loads before it got to be too much, and the hornets that have made a hive in the hole got a bit active.  So I told him to quit even though the hole wasn’t quite full.

When he first loaded the wheelbarrow, he overestimated how much he could successfully tip out of it and some of the dirt tipped off to the side of the hole, instead of in it.  So, with my head in the air (as in “airhead”), I just grabbed the hoe and tried to push some of the dirt off of the grass and into the hole.  I wasn’t aggressive and I wasn’t closer than about 4 feet.

Then I got stung.  Just above my right knee, probably 6-8 times.  I screamed bloody murder, dropped the hoe and ran into the house.

they even LOOK sinister

they even LOOK sinister

I’ll tell you something – those stings HURT like a very bad swear word basically using the formal words for mommy and unlawful carnal knowledge.

After twenty minutes or so, my knee had swelled up to the size of half a tennis ball and the pain was unbelievable.  That was also when I first noticed the uncomfortable stinging sensation on my belly….

The little bastards got me there, too.  I don’t know why that one didn’t hurt as much, but I tell you what, Wednesday night the pain itching was awful on both spots and it kept me awake.

Why all the drama?  Well, these are my very first bee stings.  Ever.  In all my 55 years!  I friggin’ hate bees.  I can hardly be outside anymore – every little flying thing scares the *hi* out of me.

Oh hell, I can’t even talk about what happened Thursday yet….so never mind….forget I said anything…for now….

Over and out.

And if you behave, I might tell you why I chose to title this in Italian!  You know I will.


hi its mi ROOOOBEEEE!!!! du yu se al tHe prity mrks iiI madd up ther??

ges wut””!””?? itz mi burthdaTODAA and im  4!@#$%^&*  i hop MIM!  MOM! makees mni a kak. haha i speled MOM! rong onc. hahaaaah

hers a piKTer ov mee wen ii wiz 2

ps i hav to Go TIOO teh vEt becuzw i havF a sor ONn mi assss. byyyyy lov ROOpooobeeeeEE!



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